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Oxidant-Free Gel – Direct Color

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The professional service of direct color, based on the latest generation of pure pigments.

The coloring pigments can go beyond the cuticle by slipping inside the hair structure due to their unique chemical structure. The magnetic attraction of the different charges, stick the cationic pigments inside the hair.

Its functional technology is based on the use of the latest generation of cationic pigments, with high and persistent color performance, which ensures a new level of brilliance immediately visible.

• alcohol-free formula
• 3.5 ph
• pure, ready-to-use direct pigments
• without oxidizers and alkaline substances
• long lasting* even more than 10 shampoos
• long lasting bright & intense colors
*(the persistence and intensity depends on the structure of the hair and the use of PREPARE SPRAY)


1. After washing your hair with the most appropriate Alter Ego Italy Shampoo, dab your hair and wear disposable gloves.
2. Distribute the color over lengths and ends and leave on for up to 30 minutes depending on the desired result. For a more intense effect, dry the hair before applying the chosen shade.
3. Emulsify with warm water and rinse. If necessary, clean gently with the most suitable Alter Ego Italy Shampoo.
4. With towel-dried hair, apply Just Color Optimizer to the hair and proceed with the fold.

• Yellow Tale
• Orange Tango
• Red Elvis
• Rott Violet
• Blue Blush
• Thai Sea
• Fuchsia Rose
• Pepper Pink
• Sweet Toffee
• Spicy Brown
• Moka Brown
• Prepare Acidifying Spray

150 ml