Ultra 9 Lightener

Zero dust grey bleaching powder for high-lightening performance

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Zero-dust grey bleaching powder for intense and precise lightening techniques up to 9 levels.

• Its creamy texture, obtained in a mixture with Coactivator Cream, ensures high neutralisation of unwanted tones during lightening.
• Its formula, enriched with Pro-Light System, respects hair structure for both fast lightening, up to 5 levels in 30 minutes, and high-performance lightening, up to 9 levels in 60 minutes.

• ‘zero dust’ non-volatile formula
• Easy to mix with Cream Co-Activator

In a non-metallic bowl, mix Ultra 9 Lightener with Coactivator Cream 10,20,30 vol. following the mixing ratios depending on the desired degree of lightening (1:2 intense lightening – 1:3 medium lightening).

Apply to dry hair and leave on for up to 60 minutes, assessing the degree of sensitisation of the hair structure.
Rinse thoroughly.
Apply Blonde Maintain Shampoo for gentle cleansing and proceed with the treatment best suited to the type of hair.

Ultra 9 Lightener | 500 gr